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Automatically notify customers on payment events via email and SMS

Plover, connects with your Stripe account to automate the process of email and SMS notification to customers for various billing and payment events. This is crucial to ensure customer payment management and can significantly reduce client churn. It is also a standard requirement for some billing events.

Plover has the capability to notify customers on various billing events, such as free trial expiry, failed charges, upcoming payments due, failed charges for subscriptions and one-time payments and many more events.

When you sign up on our platform, Plover connects with your stripe account, with read-only access. Once setup, you can create a number of different templates, which incorporates the ability to use merge tags, which enables you to automatically extract information on the payment event (such as dollar amount, subscription date, invoice URL and much more), so the email is completely personalized. You can also include images to make the design immaculate!


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