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Flexible no-code payment plans that work anywhere

Offer flexible payments plans, recurring subscriptions or one off payments via easy links that works anywhere – with zero code. Or offer your customers a choice – to pay upfront or via a payment plan for the same product or service. Paythen includes a 24 x 7 customer portal, payment reminders and more. Everything works out of the box with minimal setup and no technical know-how needed.

If you're a business owner looking to offer flexible payment plans on your own terms using Stripe, Paythen is the tool for you. You're in full control of how everything works – from billing intervals, through to any surcharges, upfront amounts, discounts, and more. You decide everything and offer payment plans that work for your business. No maximums or minimums. Paythen works everywhere Stripe does.

Start today with a 7 day fee-free trial and see if Paythen is right for you.


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