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Myers Holum

244 Madison Ave, Suite 217, New York, New York
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15 Certifications
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    Stripe Certified Professional Developers
  • 11
    Stripe Certified Professional Implementation Architects
  • United States
  • Canada
Stripe Products
  • Billing
  • Checkout
  • Connect
  • Elements
  • Invoicing
  • English
  • Automotive
  • Business and professional services
  • Consumer and packaged goods
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare and life sciences

Accelerate your online transactions using Stripe with Myers-Holum expert services. Experts in Stripe Payments, Billing & Connect, NetSuite, Boomi, & Google Cloud Platform

With over 40 years of enterprise systems, data management and financial infrastructure consulting experience, Myers-Holum has successfully delivered solutions for small, mid-market and Fortune 500 companies across industries. An award-winning leader in NetSuite, Boomi, Stripe and Google Cloud Platform solutions, Myers-Holum helps enterprises streamline operations, financials and business processes. Our team of over 350 consultants and developers represents a diverse group of professionals with deep industry, financial, systems and data management expertise.

How we work with Stripe:

Myers-Holum ensures clients successfully implement their Stripe products whether you are looking for a trusted advisor to implement best practices, customize and integrate Stripe with all your systems, or simply need to automate manual processes. Leveraging Stripe, Myers-Holum streamlines billing and payment processes, provides custom integrations with NetSuite, Salesforce and Hubspot to name a few, as well as advisory and tactical support. Discover how to best use Stripe with your existing business systems. Myers-Holum is there when you need support.


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