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Specialized Partner for Stripe Services Implementation Exclusive to Stripe, we are experts in Payments - Billing & Subscriptions – Connect – Terminal

What Are We?

Hiveway is a certified Stripe Partner in Payments, Billing & Subscriptions, and Marketplaces. We have developed a suite of Accelerators built on Stripe's most common products that allow companies to go-live and begin making transactions quickly with less development costs. In addition to our Accelerators which include Connect, Terminal, Webhooks, and Customer Portal, we offer Expert Services. These Services include Advisory Packages and/or Hand-on-Key Consultants that can help guide your development team or develop your Stripe implementation if you do not have the technical resources.As a Specialized services implementation partner, Hiveway helps clients overcome hurdles in their payment processes through seamless integration between financial systems and automated workflows, leading to streamlined transactions and enhanced revenue opportunities. We have developed an on-the-go (noCode) SaaS solution that empowers businesses to seamlessly create an all-encompassing shopping experience across multiple channels and have introduced our Nectar Pay terminal POS. Hiveway has Stripe specific knowledge and effective solutions to elevate your financial operations through implementation, advisory, subscriptions and billing, migrations, scope & design, and training.

Who Are We?

Our co-founders, with over 15 years of technology consulting experience, established Hiveway with the goal of simplifying and accelerating Stripe integrations for businesses globally. As an exclusive partner of Stripe, we are committed to delivering exceptional value and unparalleled service to our clients. Our partnership with Stripe signifies our expertise and dedication to providing high-quality integration solutions. Hiveway stands at the forefront of digital payment solutions, leading in Stripe integrations with a blend of expertise, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to client success.


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