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Booking and customer management for the fitness and wellness industry

Gymcatch is a booking and customer management platform for fitness and wellness businesses and their clients. Gymcatch serves studios, gyms and independent instructors across fitness, wellness, dance, yoga, Pilates, therapies and sport.

Gymcatch offers memberships, bundles, passes, blocks, bundles: practically every payment structure your business needs.

Alongside payment and booking, Gymcatch is a full stack CRM platform for managing and communicating with a client base.

Gymcatch offer full support, with real time teams able to assist customers with set up and ongoing questions.

Gymcatch is the best value booking platform in the industry and comes at an unbeatable price with no tie in and no hidden costs.

Switching to Gymcatch is quick and simple. You can import your client base in a couple of clicks and automatically invite them to claim their accounts.


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