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Capchase accelerates SaaS growth with non-dilutive financing

Accelerating your SaaS company’s success has never been easier. With Capchase, your recurring revenue business can get non-dilutive capital to invest in growth and help extend your runway. With a fast data-driven analysis process you can get access to fair flexible funding that works like a line of credit. This available funding can increase each month based on your overall ARR growth without the need to dilute your equity. Capchase Financing is Fast: Connect your banking, accounting, and subscription management platforms via integrations with the leading providers in the Capchase app, and we’ll provide you with a complete funding proposal in less than 48 hours. Capchase Financing is Dynamic: Your credit limit adjusts dynamically based on your growth. Anytime you bring in additional revenue your limit will increase. No restrictions on use of capital - once you receive a credit limit, our capital is available for general use. Capchase Financing is Transparent: Single flat discount fee - no origination, maintenance, or ongoing facility fees. No hidden costs - no warrants, covenants, or concentration limits. Capchase Eligibility Criteria: Business model: Software as a Service; Non-SaaS Subscription-based; Contracted revenue Thresholds: ARR: $100K-100M+; 6+ months of revenue history; 6+ months of runway


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