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The leader in powering integrated CRM, Loyalty and Omni-channel eCommerce solutions for leading brands in Singapore and the region

Ascentis is the leader in powering integrated CRM, Loyalty and Omni channel eCommerce solutions in Singapore and the region since the past 19 years. And we have been part of the YCH group since 2016.

Our suite of cutting-edge solutions in Loyalty CRM, Integrated Omni Channel eCommerce, Business Intelligence, Mobile Engagement, and Digital Marketing Services allow our clients to identify and reward their best customers, gather deep insights on their engagement behaviour and build data driven campaigns to engage the right audience at the right time to drive revenue.

Voted by senior industry marketers as one of Singapore's award-winning loyalty marketing agencies, Ascentis is proud to be leading customer engagement innovations in the retail, food & beverage, entertainment, travel and hospitality, and other industries.

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