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Empower Your Success with All-in-One Point of Sale, Ticketing, Membership, Loyalty and Gift Card

Point of Sale

Addmi provides an all-in-one Point of Sale solution to assist your restaurant operations most efficiently. Our software includes built-in loyalty, marketing, timecards, online ordering, QRcode, kitchen display, front-facing display, and many other capabilities. Addmi is dedicated to providing businesses with the best tools to help increase sales while decreasing software costs.


Enjoy a uniquely designed organization or association with exceptional features. We have the sponsorship, speakers, schedule, and other pages you can fully customize.

Sell your ticket with ease using QR codes. Embed on your website or provide a QR code to send people to purchase tickets.

Sell your ticket with our point of sale. The combo you have been waiting for, ticketing, and point of sale, all on the same platform with no integration.


Works flawlessly with your ticketing and Point of Sale The combo you have been waiting for, ticketing, and membership, all on the same platform without integration.


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